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About Library

Bangurnagar Arts and Science College Library was set up along with the establishment of the college in June 1974.  In the beginning the library was housed in our DES's Junior College building. In  1977 it was shifted to Bangurnagar Degree College Building. It has grown tremendously with the passage of time after the introduction of Commerce faculty, Pulp and Paper Science course, Computer Science, P.G. Course in Pulp and Paper Science, B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry and Microbiology.  Our college Library is 32 years old and many persons of the town have donated their personal collection of Books to the Library which has enriched our collections. The collection of books attracts attention of many staff and students of local institutions.

After the introduction of the above courses the strength has gone up tremendously and number of volumes have also increased. Hence the management felt the need of the students and staff members and constructed a separate Library Building during the year 2001. Total carpet area is 15450 Sq. feet. This new building is well planned and can accommodate 50,000 volumes and 200 readers at a time with reading halls, stack rooms, sanitary blocks etc. The library was renamed as Shri. Ranganath Library and Information Centre in the year 2001.

      In the new building 3 halls are being utilized for the Library. The first room accommodates the issue counter, Reading room and Books stacks containing English, Kannada, Hindi, History, Political Science, Economics, Commerce, Functional English and Encyclopedias of Social Science.

The second room is another Reading Room with Librarian's Cabin and the Book stacks containing relevant books like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and year books.   This section holds books on Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Botany Zoology, Paper Science, Kannada Sangh Books, Lion's Book Bank Books, Donated Books And CMC Grant SC/ST Books.  It also has a separate section used as Storeroom. In the central hall a separate Reading Room has been provided for the General Reading.  

Shashikant K. Bagewadi


About Librarian

“A library is like an island in the middle of a vast sea of ignorance, particularly if the library is very tall and the surrounding area has been flooded.”

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, But nobody thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy


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